White House National Security Council Spokesperson – I cannot confirm this


America has refused to say anything on the news of giving intelligence to India on Chinese 'infiltration'.

The White House on Monday refused to confirm the news which claimed that the US had provided vital intelligence to the Indian Army last year.

It was claimed that this helped him successfully deal with Chinese incursions.

When asked about the news, John Kirby, the National Security Council's coordinator for strategic communications at the White House, said, "No, I can't confirm that."

In a special report, US News claimed that India was able to respond to China's military incursions into the high Himalayan border region late last year due to unprecedented intelligence sharing by the US military.

According to the report, "A source with knowledge of the report of the US intelligence review in the Arunachal Pradesh region (which has not been released) said that for the first time the US government briefed its Indian counterparts about China's position and security force strength." Real-time details provided."

According to the report, "The information included actionable satellite images and contained more detailed information. Never before had the US military shared such information with the Indian military so quickly."

The news quoted a source as saying, "They were waiting. This happened because the US had given everything to India for its preparation. This shows how successfully the two armies are now cooperating and Sharing intelligence."