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Three people are hospitalized with life-threatening conditions in a hospital in Stara Zagora after yesterday's mass brawl in Kazanlak, in which one man was killed, BNR reported.

The police presence in the villages of Manolovo and Tzha, where the two Roma families involved in the beating live, remains strong.

30 people participated in the melee that took place in broad daylight in the central part of Kazanlak yesterday.

The reason for it is an old feud between two families.

Because of the case, the mayor of the city, Galina Stoyanova, called for the staffing of the police force.

"Even in Kazanlak, there should be two regional police departments. One should be responsible for the municipalities outside Kazanlak, and the other - for Kazanlak Municipality," she said.

The Gendarmerie will protect Roma families from the mass fighting in Kazanlak.

The Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Stara Zagora announced that a meeting with mayors of populated areas is forthcoming with a view to preventing similar incidents.

During yesterday's suicide with stakes, axes, hammers and melee weapons, 18 people were injured, one died, there is a danger to the lives of three more - announced the manager of the University Hospital in Stara Zagora, Prof. Yovcho Yovchev.

"One is in intensive care, the other two are in neurosurgery. One has a traumatic brain injury, at the base of the skull. There are subdural hematomas that have been diagnosed. They are being monitored. There is no indication right now for emergency neurosurgery, but they remain high risk said the doctor.

None of the injured, admitted to the Stara Zagorje medical facility, has health insurance.

For now, the costs of the treatment are at the hospital's expense.


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