A resident of the Ternopil region transferred 38,000 hryvnias to a foreigner she met on social networks.

After that, the man disappeared, and the victim turned to the police. 

This was reported by the police of the Ternopil region. 

The victim, a resident of the Berezhansk community, told the police that she met an alleged "US citizen who works at a closed facility in Syria" on social networks.

Communication of the couple lasted almost a year. 

Subsequently, the "American" asked a resident of Ternopil Oblast to send him 38,000 hryvnias for a ticket to Ukraine.

He argued that he could not withdraw his own funds.

After the woman transferred the money to him, the "foreigner" disappeared. 

The victim contacted the police.

Law enforcement officers are looking for a fraudster. 

We will remind you that in Toronto, a man changed his name several times and met 250 women in order to start an affair with them and cheat them of money.

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