The Chinese state TV channel People's Daily introduced a news anchor based on artificial intelligence.

The announcer Ren Xiaorong will work 24 hours a day, and in between the audience will be able to ask her questions through a special application.

The Daily Mail writes about it.

Ren claims to have learned the skills of "thousands" of presenters, but can only answer pre-set questions.

Her answers are promoted by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Viewers have already noticed this and accuse artificial intelligence of propaganda.

Thus, one of the viewers noted that Ren can talk about advanced technologies, tax and fee reductions, and China's "Two Sessions" political conference.

However, the answers are pre-written by humans and contain government propaganda.

Ren Xiaorong was introduced in a video on the social networking platform Weibo.

"365 days, 24 hours, I will report news all year round, 24 hours a day, without rest. Whether it's on news sites or in the studio, you will always see me. Every conversation, every feedback from you makes me smarter," says the journalist in the video

It will be recalled that on March 20, Chinese leader Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow on a three-day visit for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

One of the key topics of the negotiations is the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine and the Chinese "peace plan".

During the meeting with Xi Jinping ,

Putin noted

that the Russian Federation has carefully read the Chinese plan for a "peaceful settlement in Ukraine" and "respects China's initiatives in this regard."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expects that Xi Jinping

will use his influence

on Putin to end the war.

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