6,000 yuan will be issued for all citizens to register from tomorrow, and these 58 places in Zhongshi can help with online registration.

(Picture: Provided by the city government)

[Reporter Su Mengjuan/Taichung Report] The central government will distribute 6,000 yuan to all citizens and is scheduled to open online registration at 8:00 am tomorrow. Wu Shiwei, director of Taichung Civil Affairs Bureau, pointed out that considering that some people are not good at using 3C devices, they have been distributed in all district offices and household offices (including offices) in the city. Office) has set up a total of 58 "online registration counters for general issuance of 6,000 yuan for all citizens". There will be dedicated personnel to assist the public in online registration and provide relevant consulting services, so that the public can enjoy safe and convenient registration services.

The central government will distribute 6,000 yuan to the whole people for the over-levied tax. It has announced 5 major collection channels, including registration and entry, ATM cash collection, post office cash collection, direct deposit of specific objects, and registration of specific rural areas. The first three are The public can choose freely. The latter two limited qualifications, among which the registration and entry operation, will open online registration at 8:00 am tomorrow (22nd).

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Wu Shiwei pointed out that the Universal Cash Registration and Accounting System (https://6000.gov.tw) will open to the public to register online from 8:00 am on March 22. 58 service counters have been launched in the city to assist the public to register for free. However, in order to avoid traffic jams on the registration website, 5 days before the online registration (March 22 to 26), the registration will be divided according to the last number of the ID card and residence card. Beginning on the 27th, there is no limit to the number of endings, and the public is reminded that when you go to the service counter of the public office or household to ask for assistance in registration, please refer to the registration schedule for the number of endings, and bring your ID card (residence card), health insurance card, and financial institution account number; if you are under 13 Citizens under the age of 10 can be picked up by one of their parents or legal guardians. The picker must bring the health insurance card of the picker to operate the system.

In addition, Wu Shiwei reminded that the registration operation of universal cash sharing for all has not yet opened, but there have been fraudulent groups registering fake websites in an attempt to lure the public. https://6000.gov.tw, do not click links from unknown sources.

The Civil Affairs Bureau also pointed out that the online registration from March 22 to 26 will be divided by the mantissa of the ID card and residence permit. People with the mantissa 0 or 1 can register online on March 22, and those with the mantissa 2 or 3 will be open on March 23. Registration, and those with a ending of 4 or 5 can register online on March 24, those with a ending of 6 or 7 will open registration on March 25, and those with a ending of 8 or 9 will have to wait until March 26 to register, and those with a ending of 8 or 9 can register on March 27. From the beginning of the day, there is no limit to the number of endings and you can register, reminding the public to pay attention to the diversion schedule.

In addition, from March 28, the public can check the registration results at the "Universal Cash Registration and Accounting System Shared by All People". It will be automatically credited to the financial institution account number provided during registration.

The Civil Affairs Bureau pointed out that Taichung's civil affairs services are the most timely. For information about the "6,000 yuan online registration counters for all citizens" in various district offices and households, you can go to the official website of the Civil Affairs Bureau - Latest News (https://reurl.cc/8qXr87); People can also use the official LINE account (https://page.line.me/thronline) of the Civil Affairs Bureau's "Taichung Household Administration ONLINE" to enter the keyword "universal cash for all" and then directly link to the account of universal cash for all system, the public is welcome to make more use of it.