Greta Thunberg, an environmental fighter with Asperger's disease in Sweden.


[Compilation of Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report] Greta Thunberg, a Swedish girl with Asperger's syndrome who has always been known as a radical environmental fighter, has been "strike for the climate" since she was 15 years old, affecting global environmental awareness. It is too early to become famous Protest genius is still a show, and the volume of voices is polarized.

However, the School of Theology at the University of Helsinki awarded the 20-year-old Thunberg an honorary doctorate on the 20th, affirming her efforts.

It may seem odd that Thunberg has received an honorary doctorate in religion and belief systems.

The Helsinki Daily reported that Tuomas Heikkil, a professor of church history at the University of Helsinki, explained that Thunberg's "environmental activism" is closely related to the "central issues of humanity" discussed by the teachers and students of the university's seminary.

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"She works for the common good of all of us, and by choosing Thunberg for an honorary doctorate, we are communicating that we want to be as courageous and influential as she is," said Hekeley.

According to tradition, the title of honorary doctor is the highest honor of the university. Every four years, the departments of the University of Helsinki nominate an honorary doctor for promotion. This year, 30 outstanding people from all over the world were awarded honorary doctorates, but Thunberg did not attend The award ceremony held at the school on the 20th.

Western mainstream media have positive comments on Thunberg because environmental protection is in line with "political correctness."

But some people criticize that she is just a rich daughter who is grandstanding and duplicity.

For example, in August 2019, she went to New York to participate in the United Nations Climate Summit, claiming that in order to avoid carbon emissions, instead of taking a plane, she took a solar-powered sailboat and traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to New York in 15 days, but the actual total carbon emissions far exceeded that of flying; On the return trip, Thunberg didn't take the boat either, so he invited four crew members to take a special plane to the United States, and then drove the boat back to Europe.

Thunberg once showed photos of his meal on the train, the table was full of paper cups, plastic, wasting food and eating imported bananas, contradicting his carbon reduction proposition.

(Taken from Twitter @GretaThunberg)