In the temporarily occupied Crimea, in the city of Jankoy, Russian cruise missiles "Caliber NK" were destroyed during their transportation by railway.

Military expert general of the army, head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine in 2005-2010, Mykola Malomuzh told TSN what exactly the strike on Dzhanka demonstrated.

According to Malomuzha, all facilities where medium-range ballistic missiles are produced, transported or stored are considered facilities where terrorist attacks are being prepared, therefore they are a legitimate target of Ukraine, wherever they are located: in the occupied territories in Dzhankoya, in territories of Russia or Belarus.

"We act in accordance with the provisions of international law. It could be the special services of Ukraine, partisans who operate deep in the rear," Malomuzh said about the possible "culprits of cotton".

According to him, there are currently very few ballistic missiles.

They are produced 40-45 per month.

It is very difficult to shoot them down in the air or on the ships of the Black Sea Fleet.

"But at the stage of movement, on the railway, even more so at junction tracks and stations, it really is an important object there," added Malomuzh.

Earlier it was reported that strong explosions were heard near the airfield in Dzhankoya.

Later, data was made public that the Russian Kalibr NK cruise missiles were destroyed in Crimea during their transportation by railway.

According to the media, the city of Jankoi was attacked by the Chinese SkyEye drone.

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