Although the weather in March does not yet delight with spring warmth, this is no reason to sit idle.

Now is just the time to sow plants in the flowerbed and in the garden.

What flowers should be planted in the first month of spring so that they bloom all summer?


White verbena / Photo:

This plant is unpretentious and has bright flowers, and it blooms from spring until the very frosts.

Verbena seeds can be sown already in March.

After 15 days, the first sprouts will appear, and it will be possible to plant the flower in the soil in May.

Consider when planting that this plant loves space, so there should be a distance of 25-30 cm between seedlings.

Alyssum is annual

Annual alyssum / Photo:

This flower is often used to decorate flower beds for continuous flowering.

After all, she always covers the ground with a beautiful and bright carpet.

Alyssum has a honey aroma and delicate flowers.

You should start sowing the flower for seedlings already at the end of March-beginning of April.

After 10-12 days, you will see the first sprouts.

And at the end of May, they can be safely transplanted into open ground.

Phloxes are annual

Annual phlox / Photo:

In March, these flowers should be sown for seedlings.

Flowers love light, so the pots should be placed on the windowsill on the sunny side.

After 5-8 days, the first sprouts already appear, but they can be planted in the soil in April-May, when the earth warms up enough.

Phloxes begin to bloom in June and end with the first frosts.


Cleoma / Photo:

From June until frost, this plant will delight with bright flowers.

It is also very fragrant, and it should be sown for seedlings already at the end of March.

In mid-May, the flower can be moved to open ground.

But it is worth paying attention that cleoma needs space, so there should be a distance of at least 50 cm between sprouts.

Lion's throat (mouths)

Lion's mouth (mouths) / Photo:

Usually, it is sown directly in the open soil, when it has already warmed up.

But to get seedlings earlier, you can sow the plant in pots in March.

The seeds should be mixed with sand, then sprinkled with earth and watered.

After 10 days you will see the first sprouts.

After one and a half to two months, you can safely transplant the lion's share to the flower bed.

It will bloom from June to November.


Lavender / Photo:

Lavender can also be sown in the first month of spring.

After two weeks, the first sprouts will appear.

It is better to transplant the plant into the soil when the spring frosts have completely passed.

Lavender loves warmth and sun, and its aroma can repel flies, mosquitoes, various pests and moths.

It is often planted in front of bedroom or living room windows.

Lavender will bloom until the end of October.


Petunia / Photo:

This flower is usually planted in pots and decorated with terraces.

But it will also look harmonious in the garden.

The seeds should be sown superficially, after a week or two the first leaves will appear.

After the frosts recede, the petunia can be transplanted into open ground.

Do not forget about the distance of 30-35 cm. It will bloom until the end of autumn.

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