(Central News Agency) Russian President Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Putin) held talks with visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping today. Xi Jinping said that China and Russia "share similar goals" and he also supported Putin's re-election as Russian president next year.

CNN reported that Xi Jinping said: "It is true that our two countries have the same or similar goals. We work hard for the prosperity of our respective countries...We can cooperate and work together to achieve our goals."

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Xi told Putin: "I am very happy to visit Russia again at your invitation. Russia is the first country I will visit after being re-elected as President of China."

Xi Jinping also expressed support for Putin's re-election as Russian president. He said: "I know that Russia will hold a presidential election next year. Under your firm leadership, Russia's development has improved significantly. I believe that the Russian people will continue to strongly support you."

Xi Jinping also mentioned that China "highly values" Sino-Russian relations and that the two countries can cooperate to achieve their respective development goals.

Putin earlier told Xi that Russia was willing to discuss China's proposed peace package for Ukraine, saying: "You know, we are always ready to negotiate, we will discuss all issues, including your proposal."

On February 24th, the first anniversary of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a document called “China’s Position on the Political Solution to the Ukraine Crisis”, which was regarded as the Chinese version of the “Ukraine Peace Plan”.

The document reaffirms China's 12 established positions and expresses its support for the resumption of direct dialogue as soon as possible and the final reaching of a comprehensive ceasefire.

But China's peace plan has been questioned by the United States, Ukraine and its allies, who believe it has failed to hold Moscow accountable for its aggression.

Russian news agency (RIA Novosti) reported that Putin and Xi Jinping had an "informal" meeting in the Kremlin today. The talks lasted for four and a half hours. The two are scheduled to meet again tomorrow for formal talks.