Blinken said Xi's visit to Russia and Putin showed China's intention to provide "diplomatic cover" for Russia's atrocities in Ukraine.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Russia on the 20th and met with Russian President Putin. Putin said that China and Russia have "common interests", and Xi Jinping also agreed with Putin.

In response to the meeting between the Chinese and Russian leaders, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken pointed out that Xi Jinping's visit to Russia and Putin showed that China intends to provide "diplomatic cover" for Russia's atrocities committed in Ukraine, rather than condemning them.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, when Blinken announced the 2022 annual human rights report at the State Council on the 20th, he mentioned that Xi Jinping went to Russia a few days after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Putin. China did not even condemn Russia for the atrocities committed.

Blinken said the world should not be fooled by Russia's tactics, backed by China or others.

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Blinken pointed out that China's peace proposal contains content that the United States has supported for a long time, including ensuring nuclear security, resolving humanitarian crises, and protecting civilians. However, the ceasefire does not include the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, which is to support Russia's conquest. This would allow Putin to regroup his forces and resume the war when the situation turns in Russia's favor.

Blinken emphasized that any elements of the plan to end the Ukrainian-Russian war and achieve peace must be based on the principles of the UN Charter, and must maintain Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Any plan that does not prioritize this principle is just a "delaying tactic" or promote Unjust outcomes are not constructive diplomatic measures.