Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) arrived in Moscow on the 20th to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin (right).


Ukraine is worried that China's support of weapons will help the Russian army benefit on the battlefield

[Compilation of Sun Yuqing/Comprehensive Report] Chinese President Xi Jinping, at the invitation of Russian President Putin, will visit Moscow for three consecutive days starting from the 20th.

As they departed, Xi and Pu wrote articles on each other's official media to praise the meeting, showcasing intimacy and solidarity, while expressing their willingness to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.

However, the National Security Council of the White House accused China and Russia of attempting to disrupt the global order, and will pay close attention to the results of the meeting between the two; Ukraine is also worried about the Xi-P meeting, worrying that China may support the Russian military with weapons, so that the Russian military will benefit on the battlefield.

According to state-run Ria Novosti and CNN reports, Putin and Xi Jinping met in the Kremlin in an "informal" meeting. Putin told Xi that China has made great leaps forward in the past few years. Concern, "unfortunately, but also jealousy"; Russia is ready for negotiations, "we will discuss everything, including your proposal."

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The international order dominated by Xi's dark sour and US

This is Xi Jinping's first visit to Russia after winning the third term as General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and Chinese President. Before his trip, he published signed articles on "Russia Gazette" and "Ria Novosti", talking about the close relationship between China and Russia over the past 70 years , Looking forward to working with Putin to jointly plan the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination.

Xi also pointedly stated that there is no superior country in the world, a national governance model that is universally applicable, and an international order in which a certain country has the final say. Persuading peace and promoting talks, but frankly it is not easy.

At the same time, Putin, who has just been wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), published a signed article on the People's Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China, calling Xi Jinping a "comrade" and an "old friend" The highest level ever, beyond the military-political alliance of the Cold War, is different from "countries seeking to gain hegemony and split global harmony".

He also stressed that the Russian side has high hopes for the talks between the two, and also thanks the Chinese side for its "balanced" attitude towards the Ukraine issue, and welcomes its positive and constructive role.

White House: Will not accept Xi Jinping's ceasefire call

Regarding the Xi-Pup meeting, White House National Security Council spokesman Kirby pointed out on the 19th that the Biden administration still has doubts about China's recent 12-point peace initiative to end the Ukrainian-Russian war, and reiterated that if the two men talk about calling for a ceasefire, the US will not Accept, as this is tantamount to an endorsement of Russia's invasions thus far.

Kirby also said that China and Russia are trying to disrupt the rules-based international order established by the United States and its many allies and partners since World War II. Therefore, the United States will pay close attention to the talks between Putin and Xi Jinping.

In addition, Kirby also urged Xi Jinping to have a dialogue with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to understand Uzbekistan's position.

Ukrainian official urges China to respect territorial sovereignty

Ukraine is worried that China will eventually decide to supply Russia with weapons, which will affect the war situation.

A Ukrainian official revealed that the Kiev authorities will closely follow the developments of the Xi-P meeting. "For us, it is very important for China to maintain an attitude of respecting the territorial sovereignty of all countries." Surodeki, the chief deputy director of the Kiev think tank "New Europe Center", said, " Ukraine has only the minimum hope that the situation will not deteriorate."

Danilov, secretary-general of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Affairs Committee, tried to downplay the possibility of China aiding Russia, believing that China would not be complicit with Russia.

Pu Youli, a Ukrainian strategic scholar who is currently researching at the National Defense Security Research Institute in Taiwan, also holds the same view. "We don't expect them to provide combat vehicles, aviation equipment or multiple launch rocket systems in the short term."