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A local politician from South West Germany was seriously injured and underwent surgery after an attack that took place yesterday morning.

An unknown perpetrator opened fire on the home of a politician, managing to injure him, DPA reported, referring to the local authorities, BTA reported.

The shooting of the 65-year-old municipal councilor, a member of the Free Democratic Party, took place in Hattenhofen, a town with about three thousand inhabitants.

The police said that the injured politician's life is out of danger.

However, his name is not disclosed.

The Free Democratic Party is one of the coalition partners in Germany's federal government.

The perpetrator of the attack remains undetected and the motives for the crime are unclear.

Police have formed a special commission and are investigating a possible link to other shootings elsewhere in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg in the past three weeks.

Among them is an attack on a man in Stuttgart, who was shot and seriously wounded by unknown persons outside a restaurant in the Zuffenhausen district on Friday evening.

The shooting is reminiscent of similar incidents near Stuttgart where people were shot and injured by strangers.

Local politicians expressed their sympathy for their colleague who was injured yesterday, but they also shared their concern about what happened.

"I am horrified by the news," said Hans-Ulrich Ruhlke, the leader of the Free Democratic Party parliamentary group in the provincial parliament.

He expressed his sympathy with the local politician and his family.

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