Suriya Juangroongruangkit

Leader of the Sam Mitr Group

state the reason

of moving the party from Palang Pracharath to the same Pheu Thai camp, the same person, because as Minister of Economy and having worked with Palang Pracharath for more than 4 years, it was found that the work was quite difficult, especially at Palang Pracharat. The state is the true leader of the government, but cannot create unity in the government due to excessive quota for political positions.

Until causing the power of the state

does not control important economic ministries

and unable to solve the economic problem in order to satisfy the people

Many policies to solve problems for the people cannot be pushed.

What must be done as soon as possible

is to support the well-being of the people

and the overall economy to improve quickly

because nowadays

The country's GDP is almost the lowest in ASEAN.

Therefore, in order to create unity in work

Therefore, we must look at political parties that will move forward with land slides.

which means Pheu Thai Party

to be a way out of the country

What Suriya said was what was the weakness of the Pracharat power.

from the past to the present

and is its weakness.

Being a multi-party coalition government is too much, causing the work to be unified and constantly negotiating, especially the internal audit process in the government itself.

Even the country's leaders did not dare to make a clear decision.

For example, Palang Pracharat is the leader of the government, with the most number of MPs.

but have to raise the position

Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture for Democrats, plus the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives for one more position, Ministry of Transport

The Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Tourism gave Pride Thai, both Democrats and Pride Thai, only having 50-60 MPs in the House of Representatives.

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Defense

ministry of interior

is the central quota of the prime minister, the person who is the minister is an outsider

not responsible for the work of the party

Therefore, the main ministries that the Pracharat power oversees are just labor, industry, justice, and culture, not Grade A ministries.

or the main ministries of both economy and security

will be able to create works or push for important policies

Other parties fight about electric trains, double-track trains, high-speed trains, expressways, airports, price insurance for agricultural crops, health insurance, with sub-district administrative organizations, village headmen, village headmen, village health volunteers as supporters.

The power of the state can only sit and look at the eyes.

What matters is the lack of unity and stability.

in the administration of state affairs

Negotiations are negotiated by both the executive and legislative branches.

If to maintain government stability and leadership

in order to maintain power

must agree to exchange with bargaining

Whether it's a wrong action

Or there is an action that seeks benefits and power.

Destroy leadership until no credit is left.

The weaknesses of a multi-party coalition government will directly affect the people and the country.

to hinder the progress of the country, having to choose personal interests over public responsibilities

which is easy to solve

with land slide method

iron fist