Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow on a state visit - the first foreign leader to shake hands with an official war criminal, TSN reports. 

Arrival, lunch and an informal face-to-face meeting, the program of Xi Jinping's first day in Moscow does not involve public statements.

Until now, China has maintained neutrality, never condemned Russia's aggression in Ukraine, while at the same time insisting on the inadmissibility of nuclear threats.

Russian officials and propagandists began to sound again, the International Criminal Court should have declared Putin wanted for the mass kidnapping of Ukrainian children.

"The International Criminal Court should maintain an objective and detached position, respect the legal immunity enjoyed by the head of state in accordance with international law and avoid politicization and double standards," said Wang Wenbin, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

In response, Russia's Investigative Committee opens a criminal case against the judges of the International Criminal Court in The Hague and personally prosecutor Karim Khan, who obtained an arrest warrant for Putin together with his children's ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova.

All these gestures for internal consumption should demonstrate that Russia has a completely different reality.

As part of which, respected world leaders - such as the Chinese helmsman - still visit the Russian president. 

The road from Vnukovo Airport to the center of Moscow is lined with billboards welcoming any guest.

The day before, Xi Jinping and Putin exchanged articles: the Chinese leader published his in Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the Russian president in Renmin Zhibao.

The Chinese article calls for pragmatism in the approach to Russia's war in Ukraine.

Putin claims that he is ready for negotiations, but only if the other side "takes into account the existing geopolitical realities."

This is unacceptable for Ukraine, the advisor of the president's office Mykhailo Podolyak says in an interview with the Italian Correri de la Sera.

"After tens of thousands of deaths and the effective defense of our own territories, what is the point of returning to the status quo that forced Russia to attack us a year ago?

This is impossible, any such compromise will not lead to peace, but to an aggravation of the situation, and then to a conflict," says Podolyak.

Both Ukrainian and Western officials now insist that there is no evidence that China is already supplying Russia with weapons.

NATO, the United States, Britain, and the European Union have repeatedly warned Beijing against this, threatening serious consequences. 

Now The Japan Times, citing American officials, claims that Russia is apparently already firing Chinese ammunition.  

Today, the head of Serbia also decided to support Putin, albeit from a distance.

Aleksandr Vučić said that the decision of the International Criminal Court means a reluctance to talk about peace, because who to talk to if Putin is officially suspected of war crimes and expressed a desire to see him behind bars? 

This - at least outwardly - does not upset the leader of China at all.

Moreover, he expresses his conviction that Russians will elect Putin forever.

"I am convinced that the Russian people will continue to support Mr. President," he said at the meeting.

It was on this day that justice ministers from forty countries of the world gathered in London to support the investigation of Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

Currently, about forty investigators are involved in the process, Great Britain has already decided to allocate an additional almost 500 thousand dollars for the work of the International Court.

The Netherlands is going to transfer another million euros for the work of investigators in Ukraine, because they need more people and equipment.

"The warrant for the arrest of President Putin and his commissioner for children's rights is a historic moment of the war in Ukraine, it emphasizes the vital need for an independent International Criminal Court and its prosecutor's office," says British Justice Minister Dominic Raab.

The warrant for Putin's arrest was issued for life, prosecutor Karim Khan emphasized.

Be that as it may, the head of Russia did not try to pretend that it does not concern him, for China he has finally turned into a weak ally that does not dare to contradict.

Therefore, the floor is now precisely for Xi Jinping, to whom the attention of all Western leaders is focused.

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