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The Military Court of Appeal - Sofia confirmed the measure of remand "detention" of the corporal from the Graf Ignatievo Air Base D.D. determined by the Military Court - Plovdiv.

and G.B., who on 14.03.2023 were accused of assisting illegal migrants in the country, the state prosecution reported. 

The third defendant in the pre-trial proceedings - Dr. I.P., wife of the military serviceman D.D., has a "cash guarantee" in the amount of BGN 5,000 due to an advanced pregnancy.

Its measure of indifference can be appealed to the Military Court - Plovdiv.

The pregnant doctor, accused of migrant trafficking, is appealing the BGN 5,000 fine.

The three were detained in the Kenana Park area near Haskovo after the car with the migrants broke down and the migrants had to be dropped off at the side of the road.

It was established that the pregnant anesthesiologist at the District Hospital in Plovdiv was driving the car in which the foreigners were transported.

The Military Court of Appeal - Sofia is about to announce its reasons in the case.