The police stated that electric scooters and unicycles should follow the relevant management regulations stipulated by the municipal and county (city) governments before they can be driven on the road.

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(Provided by New Taipei City Bureau of Transportation, file photo)

[Reporter Yao Yuehong/Taipei Report] Some people in Tainan City were riding electric scooters after drinking alcohol. more than ○.

Twenty-five milligrams still belongs to the "drinking driving power vehicle" stipulated in Article 185-3 of the Criminal Law. It can be sentenced to a fixed-term imprisonment of up to three years and a fine of up to 300,000 yuan. We call on the public not to ride (drive) cars after drinking , so as not to harm others.

According to the Police Administration, according to Article 69, Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2, Subparagraph 3, Item 3 of Article 69 of the Road Traffic Management Punishment Regulations, personal mobility devices (such as electric scooters, electric unicycles, etc.) Only those who violate the relevant management regulations stipulated by the county (city) government can drive on the road; if they violate the regulations, the perpetrator can be fined from NT$1,200 to NT$3,600 and prohibited from driving or using it.

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When riding illegally and involving drunk driving, less than ○.

For 25 mg, a fine of NT$1,200 to NT$2,400 may be imposed in accordance with Item 2, Article 73 of the Road Traffic Regulations;

25 mg. Since electric scooters are "powered vehicles" stipulated in the criminal law, they will be punished the same as ordinary motor vehicle drivers, and they will be prosecuted as public danger crimes.

According to the statistics of the Police Department, there were 6,979 cases of drunk driving violations (including bicycles and other slow cars) in the whole of last year. It can be seen that there are still many people who are lucky. Drive on the roads in accordance with the management measures stipulated by the municipal and county (city) governments, and refrain from drinking and driving to ensure the traffic safety of yourself and others.

☆Drinking too much alcohol is harmful to health, and drinking and driving is prohibited☆