It has long been believed that the real spring begins on this day.

After all, in the northern hemisphere, the days became longer, the air temperature rose.

Vernal Equinox Day 2023: greetings in prose and verse

Happy vernal equinox

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart!

Let your life be harmonious,

let His love fill you.

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On the Day of the Spring Equinox, I wish you renewal of the soul, joy and happiness.

Let prosperity surround you, and harmony will come in your life.

Love to you and a great mood.

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Spring walked around the world,

Winter dragged on.

Spring washed her legs with melted snow,

smiled with a ray.

The drops are ringing, the brook is murmuring

And the buds are swelling.

I am a swarm of thoughts from distant countries,

Birds are flying again.

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I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday.

I wish you a sunny mood, joy, happiness and luck.

Let spring come not only on Earth, but also in your soul.

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Today, day and night are equal,

Winter is saying goodbye to us.

And you don't need to heat the stove like that anymore,

the beautiful spring brings us warmth!

Birds are chirping outside the window,

All nature comes to life,

And insects appear

and the weather is warmer now.

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