Sometimes we hear His Majesty and Their Majesties and wonder how they are used differently.

I would like to learn that His Majesty means 'His Majesty'. Majesty is used with His Majesty.

His Majesty

or the Queen only

cannot be used with others

Adjectives change according to the person we are referring to.

If it's a single woman, for example 'The Queen' then use Her Majesty, but if it's 'Both of them' then use Their Majesties.

'Under His Majesty the King' His Majesty is the second person to use Your Majesty.

'Phra Chao Worawongthee' uses Your Royal Highness. 'Mr. Chao' uses Your Serene Highness for those who hold high positions in the bureaucracy.

Political or non-political, Excellency is used for 'Prime Minister', 'Minister' or 'Ambassador'. If they are the 3rd person, they use His Excellency or Her Excellency or Their Excellencies. If we are speaking to an Ambassador whose Excellency is the 2nd person, we will use Your Excellency

when to say

I am honored to know you. Use a great honor as It is a great honor to me to have opportunity of knowing you. This sentence is very polite.

suitable for use in government or diplomatic circles

If you find a sentence that flatters us

We might humble ourselves by saying Please, you have praised me too highly already.

Or have the opportunity to attend a senior birthday party

See you face to face, you may tell him that I'm

looking forward to your birthday party. I'm glad to have the opportunity to attend your birthday party.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai