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"The question is not what is not done with migrants, but what has been done so far and what should be done in the future. Until now, Bulgaria's national security system in the part of countering migrant pressure is not coping successfully, as we almost every day we talk about dozens, hundreds of migrants, and more and more are becoming victims", said security expert Slavcho Velkov in the studio of "Day ON AIR".

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Russian invasion of Ukraine 9910

He specified that our border with Turkey is an external border of the EU.

"What is being done is not true, it is not accurate. The restriction should be there, in a place where the groups are formed," Velkov categorically told Bulgaria ON AIR.

International Criminal Court: Putin's arrest warrant is for life

The guest noted that in the last 10 days we have a changed security environment on a global scale, there is an aggravation of that part of the war that we call economic, because the economies of the EU and the USA are pitted against that of Russia and possibly China.

He added that if China sided with Russia and began to provide assistance in this clash, things could escalate to another scale.

"The war has passed into a phase of exhaustion. The US has officially confirmed that it has no interest in ending the war and in conducting peace negotiations. Europe is currently not generating any signals and intentions to conduct negotiations," Velkov pointed out.

He commented on the arrest warrant for Putin and said that future peace talks between Ukraine and Russia largely depend on this decision, because those 123 countries that recognize the decision and can comply with the order of the International Criminal Court automatically drop out of negotiations with Putin.

"The shooting down of the American reconnaissance drone (…) showed intransigence on the part of the Russian side, a signal that if the United States continues in the same way to conduct actions over the Black Sea equator in an area that Russia has declared a no-fly zone, in the interest and service of the armed forces of Ukraine, and it will be done this way in the future. The US responded appropriately, immediately raised a drone with almost identical capabilities, which performs the same tasks. This incident only showed how tense things are," Velkov pointed out.

About Thierry Breton's visit to Bulgaria, he said: "It turned out that he was visiting 15 countries with 51 enterprises of the military-industrial complex with a single task - to speed up the production of ammunition needed by Ukraine. Now there is a hunger for ammunition in Ukraine. He came with a ready, accepted European program for 2 billion euros."

"The world has never been so close to the brink of a large-scale conflict, to World War III, to a confrontation. If Russia says it is a matter of national survival, that means it will not stop at using weapons of very large striking effect," emphasized Velkov.

Russian invasion of Ukraine

third World war

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