Military veterinarians rescue animals from the front line.

Gunshot and shrapnel injuries are no less common for dog warriors than for humans.

More than 7,000 souls have been saved by the doctors of the first Ukrainian veterinary hospital.

These days, he came to Kropyvnytskyi to help local service dogs, TSN reports. 

The medical office of the Kropyvnytskyi canine center is currently occupied by military veterinarians.

Three-year-old shepherd Cherry is being rescued - a four-legged fighter of the Ministry of Internal Affairs unit.

Out of two dozen patients like her, they were waiting for the arrival of specialized doctors.

Military veterinarians arrived in their own ambulance.

They say he is happy - many times he took both doctors and patients out of shelling.

"The car is intact.

We were in pieces - as if we were in the dome.

Nothing was harmed, thank God, everything was fine.

In this way.

For the first time or what!?" - says Timofy Zagorodny. 

Veterinarians take medicines and feed for animals to the front, and from there - severely injured four-legged.

It is often necessary to operate in the trenches and in the open air.

The head of the veterinary hospital says that the soldiers are holding a tarpaulin over the operating team so that the earth does not fall from the explosions.

Enemy snipers organized a real hunt for the four-legged fighters of the Ukrainian army, says the medic.

"Demining, searching for people, searching for human remains, I don't like this word.

The search for narcotic substances, the search for explosives, service dogs - they perform a lot of functions and they are very, as I understand it, a hindrance.

And they have a certain joy when a sniper shoots our dog", says the head doctor of the veterinary hospital Kyrylo Chumakov. 

The tailed wounded are operated on, rehabilitated and returned to the ranks.

It is easier to work with military veterinarians than with civilians, say dog ‚Äč‚Äčexperts.

Because the military better understands the specifics of injuries and diseases that service dogs receive on combat missions. 

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