We will not wait for local elections.

It is important to vote on April 2nd.

We believe that PP will be the first political force and a stable regular government will be formed.

This was stated by Radoslav Ribarski from the PP-DB coalition at a meeting with voters in Stara Zagora, reported a Novini.bg reporter.

"A clarification of what the Minister of Energy announced about the photovoltaic projects on the grounds of the "Maritsa-East" mine.

We opposed this idea back in December.

We categorically declare that we do not approve or accept it.

One such fragmentation of these areas is an approach known from the 1990s – that some state-owned companies are absorbed by private companies, and subsequently the entire company becomes a pledge of private interests.

This is another attempt to use state energy for private purposes.

The idea of ​​photovoltaic plants in the mines has been around for a long time, they have long wanted to cover their own consumption with photovoltaic projects.

We have also considered such ideas," he explained.

Asen Vasilev: In order to live a normal European life, wages must become European

"Mini "Maritsa-East" is one of the largest consumers of electricity.

It is completely reasonable for them to first build their own capacities in these areas to consume.

The whole concept of developing the complex is to invest in future technologies.

The mix, which is currently made up of coal power, needs to be expanded with photovoltaics, with storage facilities to allow for additional investments and additional projects looking for renewables," said Rybarski.

He noted that in recent days there have been rumors of support for the caretaker minister.

"In reality, the PP was the only party that opposed this vision of the official cabinet," emphasized the candidate for MP from the PP-DB.

"I want to remind you that the project for this vision was submitted in the last days of the 48th National Assembly by GERB, DPS, "Vazrazhdane" and BSP.

This vision has been accepted by the Council of Ministers and the last move was the National Assembly to accept it and we currently have a project for 4 reactors, a lot of green hydrogen that we have to export, an underground PAVEC, what else," he stressed.

"One of the first things we will do in the 49th NA is to propose a comprehensive strategy that takes into account the interest of all interested parties in building a new type of energy system - a structure that is in line with new trends.

A great deal must be invested in power transmission networks and energy storage - this is exactly what our neighboring countries are doing.

These are the technologies that make these countries competitive, which will extract cheap energy, and through storage, will be able to sell it when the price is highest.

We should also have this competitive advantage, because at one point we will have cheap energy, and subsequently we will have to balance our grid with energy imports, and this is a real risk," said Radoslav Rybarski.

"PAVETS "Chaira" is a major concern, this power has not been working for a year.

It is still not officially known what happened.

The current Minister of Energy once stated in a hall that 2 billion BGN will be needed, then 200 million - both sums are startling enough and quite far from each other to expect that this thing will work soon.

"Purely in economic terms, how, in our opinion, can Bulgaria move forward.

It is already clear to everyone that the prices in our country are European, even higher than European prices.

This is not surprising when we buy 45% of our eggs from Latvia.

When we ask them at what price they will sell them to us, they say like the Germans, even more expensive because our volumes are smaller.

By the time they reach us, they become more expensive.

We import 50% of the vegetables, 70% of the meat.

There is no way this could become dramatically cheaper," explained Asen Vasilev

Asen Vassilev was the Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism from March 12 to May 29, 2013. By decree of.

According to him, the CPC must work so that there are no cartel agreements.

The former finance minister also pointed out the way forward to have a normal European life.

"We already have normal European prices, now we have to have normal European incomes so that we don't go to work abroad.

Being in the EU gives us access to the biggest market in the world.

Here is the role of the partnership between the state and business.

What happened in the last year proved that this is possible.

For the first time, we are in the good rankings of Europe - we are first in terms of export growth in the whole EU, we are second in terms of industrial production growth, we are first in terms of wage growth.

This happened for two reasons - the business was allowed to work without being harassed or coming with clubs, for the first time the Bulgarian business had a competitive price for electricity.

When a business has a lower cost of energy, it has a more competitive output, it can afford to pay higher wages, it can make better profits," he added.

Asen Vassilev

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