After the recent tour to the occupied Crimea and Mariupol, the public spoke again about the lookalikes of the criminal Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Experts pointed to the shape of the ears, which are different during the dictator's public speeches.

This is stated in the Business Insider article.

As the article says, experts believe that

his doubles underwent surgery to look like him


On this 

indicate the curve of his ears. 

Twitter users speculated that the Putin lookalike had gone to Ukraine, focusing

on the distinctive curves of his ear,

comparing the drooping earlobes to photos from 2006 and 2018.

ears are like thumbprints.

which one matches?

— Palkyi Dorjee #freetheATACMS (@OMPMH) March 19, 2023

Commenting on the assumptions of platform users, 

Mark Nixon, a computer vision expert at the University of Southampton and a leading researcher in ear recognition, told the BBC:

"As you age your ear doesn't change - it just gets bigger, but the proportions stay the same


Also, the authors of the article cite article by article

 The Washington Post under the headline that "Putin's doppelgänger visits occupied Mariupol, making claims on captured Ukrainian lands" was updated, but it was later updated.

The foreign publication did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment on why the article was updated.

Wittm, The Post is not the first publication to mention the possibility of a Putin double.

"The use of ears as forensic evidence has been documented for decades. 

"Since the 1950s,

forensic scientists have used measurements of ears to identify criminal suspects,

and in the age of the algorithm, Wired reported that software-defined ears could be a more unique identifier than fingerprints," the article said.

We will remind you that Russian publicist and oppositionist Andriy Piontkovsky believes that Putin has several doppelgangers.

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