Without delay, "Nida Poll" surveyed people across the country for the 1st time, welcoming the dissolution of the National Assembly.

Opening of the Three Kingdoms War

When Cao Cao broke the navy

Oh... just the results of the first round of polls have exploded already.

"Nida Poll"

asks the people who will support the next prime minister??

No. 1, Ms. Pae Thongtarn Shinawatra, Pheu Thai Party, swept 38.20 percent

2nd place, Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat, Kao Klai Party, 15.75 percent

3rd place, followed by Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, 15.65 percent

4th place, Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, Thai Sang Thai Party, 5.10 percent

Rank 5, Pol. Gen. Sereepisuth Temeeyaves, Seri Ruam Thai Party, 4.45 percent, etc.

The popularity rating "Aung Ing" still leads Uncle Tu to 22.55 percent.

There is still time for Uncle Tu to speed up the speed to overtake and enter the sign for another 53 days.

Nida Poll asked voters aged 18 years and over which party would they choose as candidates?

MPs for constituencies in 400 constituencies throughout Thailand??

1st place, will choose Pheu Thai candidates 49.45 percent

2nd place, will choose the Progressive Party candidate 17.40 percent

3rd place, will choose candidates for the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, 11.75 percent

4th place, will choose Democrat candidates 5.40 percent

5th place, will choose Thai Sang Thai Party candidates 2.95 percent

Number of MPs from Pheu Thai Party

37.80 percent more than the Ruam Thai Party creates a frustrating nation.

Coming to the last question, "Nida Poll", pierced the hearts of the people to vote for which party-list MPs??

1st place, will choose party-list MPs, Pheu Thai Party, 49.85 percent

2nd place, would choose the Progressive Party, 17.15 percent

3rd place, will choose the Ruam Thai Sang Chat Party, 12.15 percent

4th place, will choose the Democrat Party 4.95 percent

5th place, will choose the Seri Ruam Thai Party 2.85 percent, etc.

"Mother Luk Chan" took the results of the Nida Poll and converted it into the number of MPs in the House of Representatives.

if face to face

Pheu Thai Party will get constituency MPs plus 248 party-list MPs.

The Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party will receive 56 constituency MPs and party-list MPs.

If combined with the poles of the "Old Coalition Party" (including Thai Sang Chat, Bhumjaithai, Democrat, Palang Pracharat, Chartthaipattana, Chartpattanakla), there will be at least 162 MPs and no more than 180 MPs.

The original opposition parties (Phuea Thai, Kao Klai, Seri Ruam Thai, Prachachat, Pheu Chat, plus Thai Sang Thai) will have at least 320 MPs and no more than 338 MPs.

If there is an election tomorrow... the opposition party wins by a decisive victory.

If the election is mid-May

The opposition coalition won anyway.

It's like this, Khun Yom.

"Mother of the Moon"