In 2022, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced during his visit to Thailand that China-Thailand and China-ASEAN

will create a community with a common “destiny”

It is a clear standpoint.

Who hopes to elevate the relationship to be superior to siblings, yes, far away

in which case

Seminar of China Media Group (CMG), China's main media, together with the ministry, think tank group.

Business sector and media in Thailand

Last week had indicated that

to reach that point

There must be a next step.


"The concept of modern Chinese identity" or simply to understand is

“Prosperity that China created by itself without imitating anyone”

In the seminar, there were details that

Mutual Benefits and Win-Win Peaceful Development

It is a cornerstone of President Xi Jinping's concept of modernizing Chinese identity.

It is a public product to help developing countries.

China spent ten years promoting cooperation.

"One Belt and One Road"

(BRI) and promote railway interaction between China and Laos-Thailand.

Modernization of Chinese identity is China's roadmap.

display of Chinese wisdom

with the strength of science and technology

integrated national strength

And the Chinese economy continues to grow steadily amid a global recession.

“China is moving towards Chinese modernization.”

Modernity has no standards and a unified answer.

Chinese modernization showed the world a new path of peaceful development of modernity.

And modernity should rely on social awareness within culture.

Chinese high-tech electronic products are favored by the Thai market.

China's new energy vehicle investment in Thailand continues to increase.

Chinese high-tech innovations add convenience and happiness to everyday life.

It can be said that Chinese modernization is profoundly changing Thai society.

one belt one road initiative

global development concept

and the community of shared destiny

It's a big world change.

These are coupled with the development of innovation cooperation between China and Thailand.

will be an important driving force for the further development of the region.

Tu Pak Kret