Another incident commander enters to defuse the frenzied crisis.

Pol.Lt.Col. Kittikarn Sangboon, the Administrative Supervisor

news development center

Special Branch Police Headquarters

Locked himself in a 2-storey townhouse, No. 2/269, Mang Kong Village along the Sam Sukkhi Canal, Soi Jeramakorn, Soi Sai Mai 46, Khwaeng and Sai Mai District, Bangkok.

Throwing bullets at police officers joining the profession

leading to a stressful atmosphere overnight

frighten the villagers

Pol Gen Torsak Sukwimol, deputy commander in chief of the Royal Thai Police, oversees the special operations team.

Carrying a variety of textbooks on negotiation experience to jointly plan operations

But the Special Branch inspector showed no signs of calming down.

and continued to respond with gunshots from time to time

"His behavior

not a threat

There is no need to use violence.” Pol. Gen. Torsak tried to “control the tone” in the beginning, emphasizing that his subordinates should not use force at all, hoping to wait for the “crazy policeman” to relax themselves.

Speaking through a broadcasting machine, he asked him to trust the police that he came to help, not to hurt.

want to come out and talk

Use negotiation as a persuasion.

before ending up with

"Closing game mission" that takes more than 27 hours.

Pol. Gen. Torsak confirmed that

not hoping to survive

But because while the Arintharat 26 unit invaded the detention

Using rubber bullets and

electric guns, they were fired back.

Causing another set of police to use live ammunition

“The Royal Thai Police do not want to cause losses.

Tried to negotiate in every possible way.

But it was not successful until psychiatric doctors assessed and found that it was beyond healing, ”Pol. Gen. Torsak said.

The special operations units who go on missions are all uncomfortable.

but because it is a duty that requires tactics

"Defeat the mad inspector".

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