At the 1/2023 National Water Resources Committee meeting, the meeting approved (draft) measures to deal with the rainy season of 2023, which was adjusted from the original 13 measures last year to 12 new measures.

1. Predicting targets for flood-prone areas and areas at risk of dry spells

2. Water management in low-lying areas to accommodate floods. 3. Review and improve water management criteria in water sources/dams and draw up an integrated water management plan.

4. Prepare, repair, improve hydraulic buildings, drainage systems, telemeters to be ready for use.

and improve the obstacles in the water

5. Prepare / plan machinery, tools, personnel in flood prone areas and risky areas during the dry season.

Improving water delivery methods in risky areas during dry periods

6. Check the security, safety, embankment, flap blocking water. 7. Increase the drainage efficiency of waterways.

8. Rehearse an incident response plan, set up the front center before the disaster and restore the condition to normal.

9. Accelerate water storage in all types of water sources during the end of the rainy season.

10. Build strength

People's network to provide situational information

11. Building awareness and public relations through the watershed committee

Provincial Water Resources Subcommittee

water user organization

various networks and 12. Monitor, evaluate, adjust measures in accordance with the disaster situation.

for the preparation of plans to prevent and resolve drought conditions

and a plan to prevent and solve flooding

of the watershed committee, all 22 watersheds that are in the process of accelerating

And it is expected to be completed in time during the rainy season of 2023 due to the water resource management calendar during the rainy season starting from May 1 and ending on October 31 of every year, except for the southern coast areas. east

which starts from 1 Sept and ends on 28 Feb of every year.

To prepare for the prevention and solution of flooding this year.

To be effective

ONWR therefore proposes the watershed committee to consider using the guidelines for the 2022 flood prevention and resolution plan to be used as a principle in the preparation of the 2023 flood prevention and solution plan for the time being