Tomorrow, March 21, in the Orthodox calendar,

is the day of memory of Venerable Theophylact the Confessor


He lived in Constantinople in the 8th century, when the iconoclastic heresy was spread.

Later, the iconoclast emperor Leo IV Khozar dies and Constantine VI ascends the throne.

The patriarchs also change: Tarasius, who at that time was the first royal adviser, was chosen instead of Paul.

The new patriarch convenes the VII Ecumenical Council, which condemns the iconoclastic heresy.

Theophylact was a devoted student of Tarasius.

Therefore, together with Michael, with the blessing of the patriarch, he moves away to a monastery on the shores of the Black Sea.

For prayers and a pious life, he receives from God the gift of miracles.

They stayed in the monastery for several years, and then were consecrated bishops by the patriarch.

Theophylact received the rank of bishop of Nicodemus.

After the peaceful years, the iconoclast emperor Leo V the Armenian took the throne, so the heresy flared up with new force.

Even the patriarch Nicephorus, who became the heir of Tarasius, could not influence the emperor.

Saint Theophylact was present at the negotiations and boldly exposed the heretics, predicting the emperor's quick death.

For these words, he was sent into exile to the Stroville fortress (Asia Minor), where he lived for thirty docks until his death around 845.

Signs of March 21

Folk signs on March 21 / Photo: Pexels

  • What the weather is like on March 21, the summer will be like that.

  • Fog means that you should wait for frost.

  • The larks have already returned home, it will be a warm spring.

  • A blizzard for a good harvest of vegetables and grains.

What can't be done tomorrow

You should not go on a long journey on this day, as well as sign important documents.

Do not borrow money or lend it to anyone.

It is also not recommended to refuse help to those who ask for it.

What can be done tomorrow

In the people, March 21 was called "Willow Bearer", because usually before this date the willow blossoms.

Our ancestors believed that this tree has magical power.

Therefore, on this day, they tried to flog the sick person with willow twigs so that he would recover.

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