Although the police reform passed

"The National Police Act B.E.

"When a police officer is accused of being involved in a gray business" must be prosecuted for conspiracy to commit visa fraud for some foreigners.

by creating evidence to be able to do business in Thailand

"With more than 107 police involved" were prosecuted together as operational officers.

or wrongfully omitting their duties. Of these 9 officers, they were added to the charge as demanding officials.

or agree to receive property and benefits wrongfully

Assoc.Prof.Lt.Col.Dr.Kritsanapong Phutrakul

This case created a shocking disgrace.

"Khaki circles"

until the public lacks confidence in the performance of the police, reflected through the forum.

"Police reform, reform or fraud?" organized by Rangsit University. In this regard, Assoc. Justice, Rangsit University said

This police reform is not the first time it has been talked about.

But if you look back at Thai history that has been brought up for at least 15-20 years, because with the main principle being a career that is close to the people, one must take care of the happiness and well-being

Including giving equality to all Thai people equally.

Even if that person has a very different social status.

But from the research, it was found that


when people have different social status often affects the differences in justice as well.

Causing the issue of police reform to be raised and discussed all the time

Because I have to admit that

“Police organizations have commands and ranks similar to those of soldiers” from the past to the present.

In developed countries, it is seen that

“Thai police style of command”

has resulted in the police being away from the people.

both in terms of listening to problems

problem solving

Including the management of various crime problems

Because the structure is still a traditional work system, there are 500-600 generals commanding more than 200,000 police officers across the country.

Therefore, those who became generals often had merchants, businessmen, and people who wanted to get to know each other.

"Give me a business card in my bag." When Thai society has created such popularity, the police are eager to become generals, which has become another problem.

Next, “police chain problems” tend to affect people's confidence in the police even less.

"Because there is a single system structure from the Royal Thai Police", contrary to the principle of performing duties that must be close to the "people" in solving the problems of happiness for the people.

Compared to "foreign countries", which are modern police organizations such as England, have used the police system based on public approval for more than 100 years because they use the principle that police work is the responsibility of the people, for example, people say

“Set up checkpoints” are not necessary to prevent crime by taking other measures.

Causing British police to not set up checkpoints more than that

“General people” can become

“Volunteer police have the power to carry weapons” except without compensation. The other type is “volunteer police with compensation”, responsible for maintaining peace and order in each community, so 100,000 police officers can effectively look after 70 million people across the country.

If compared with "Thailand", for example, only in the community surrounding Rangsit University "with a population of 4-50,000 people, but there are only 2 police officers", it makes us wonder where the police have disappeared to...?

Because as far as looking at the proportion of police across the country

"It's not considered a shortage," being able to take care of 70 million people according to international standards.

in the section

“Some police officers are involved in gray business.”

“Police demand real benefits” causing the structure of the police to adjust their commands, especially “centralization of power to bind the political parties” with politics currently covering the police.

until it became

"Tools of politics" causing the need to change the structure of the police organization.

“Not to be 100 percent involved in politics” but must be connected with the people to maintain

or to maintain the power of the police


“police appointments and transfers”, this is quite a very big problem.

With each migration involved affect.

"Living in the family of the police as well", for example, some policemen work in the Bangkok area.

Failure to approach the commander may result in being transferred to other provinces.

Moreover, some people were transferred to the 3 provinces without guilt or involuntary, unlike the British, US, Japanese police. When recruited, they usually stay in that area until retirement.

Unless you want to advance, voluntarily migrate on your own.

Therefore, the appointment of transferring the police should be revised.

“Focus on transparency

and fairness, mainly attaching to the interests of the people”, not only attached to the commander as it is today

Emphasizing the "interference process in the work of the police", at present, the performance of duties is often interfered with at all levels, from investigations and arrests that cannot be made.

There are not only the commanders but there are also external agencies. For example, before coming to this seminar, the "judge" sent information that the police inspector had arrested a drug case involving a politician.

asking for approval from the court to issue an arrest warrant.

"Arrested police" was found by the caller and given

"Revoke the arrest warrant", but the police refused because the withdrawal of the arrest warrant was unreasonable and could lead to disciplinary action.

And this criminal reinforces the process of interfering with the work of the police, how does society actually have to solve this problem...?

Next, “police professionalism,” that is, officers on duty must be developed to really specialize in that area.

because he had previously spoken to the police from the Crime Suppression Division about technology crimes

It found that people fall victim to online crime on average 800-1,000 cases per day.

that means

“Each month there are 30,000 victims”, it turns out that the police can do 1 case as quickly as 2 weeks.

Or the case where the commander chased the hijacker first

Later, “Police performance must be in line with the current situation,” whether it be methods, concepts, culture, and the use of technology to help perform more duties.

especially the readiness to work

Because as far as talking to the Pak Klong Rangsit Police Station patrol, I've told you that gasoline fills up the patrol car.

It's hardly enough to use again.

When this happens, the patrol police usually only stop in large neighborhoods.

“Causes the question of where has the oil used for working gone and is it not enough...?” Even the investigators have to buy tools and equipment for their own use.

Therefore, if the problem is not solved with sufficient equipment to perform duties, it may become the starting point of corruption.

Finally, "according to the experience of studying police reform in many countries", most successes often rely on the 3P principle, namely "Political View, political will must be firm", whereby political parties must present clear and concrete police reform policies. and can be tangible

Then, next,

"Police Police"

must want to see changes in their own organization.

Because according to listening to many senior and junior police officers, they are fed up with the system until they have to resign.

Or commit suicide, there are "Public People, the people" must also see changes in the police.

If these 3 elements are complete, when will the reform of the police definitely happen?

All of these are echoes of the issues that call for.

"Reform the organization, structure, police welfare to really happen" in order to take care of the happiness.

be fair

and equality with all citizens.