Lu Sunling, a legislator of the New Taipei Citizens Progressive Party, announced that she would not be re-elected.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The current legislator gave up re-election and one more person!

Lu Sunling, a legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party in the Danshui constituency of New Taipei City, posted a post on Facebook early this morning (21), announcing that she would not run for re-election.

She emphasized that she will fully assist the party chairman Lai Qingde to run for president, which is also her "best way to repay the support of the folks."

Among the current regional legislators, Huang Guoshu, a non-party member from Taichung City, Lin Changzuo, a non-party member from Taipei City, and Cai Shiyi from the Keelung Citizens’ Progressive Party have successively announced that they will not run for re-election. The direction of the Committee will become clearer.

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Lu Sunling emphasized in the article that after careful consideration, she decided not to participate in the 2024 DPP legislative primary election, nor will she participate in the legislative election, but promised to fully assist Lai Qingde in running for president and support the DPP's legislative election. Candidates, unite and gather support for the DPP to win this difficult election campaign.

Lu Sunling also recalled that during her tenure, she successfully fought for many large and small constructions, including the Danjiang Bridge, improving the traffic problems in Linkou, and building the sewage and sewers in the entire Taishan District. I know that many folks hope that she will fight again. "As a lifelong member of the DPP, I don't think success depends on me." Legislative seats in the constituency. Please fellow countrymen who love Sun Ling, let us win this important battle for the Democratic Progressive Party together, so that the pride of Taiwan will continue to shine internationally!"