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"The signal of an attempt to put pressure on magistrates is alarming. If the chief prosecutor has decided to come out to the whole public with such information, regardless of the form in which he does it and without comment, is this the real and expected reaction of the prosecution - this is alarming. We are all aware that their profession is not without any risks, without being in conflict with certain individuals and with whole groups", said lawyer Yavor Notev in the studio of "The Day ON AIR".

According to him, this is part of their daily life.

"It would be a pity if they should feel abandoned in this battle—something that would result from refusing to provide security for such magistrates. There seems to me to be a legal basis for it. I am convinced that such security would be insured, another question is how comfortable a person feels, he should think about himself and his family members," added Notev.

Geshev, in Brussels, informed European MPs about the conspiracy against the state in our country

Lawyer Dimitar Markovski recalled that from the words of the chief prosecutor it became clear that it was a matter of acting and practicing magistrates in the prison.

"The content of this brief, which the prosecutor general gives, speaks of magistrates of this structure. This is a very alarming and dangerous symptom, all kinds of associations can be made, but we are people of facts. I would not allow myself to launch these and theories , but it is a fact that these words were announced by the chief prosecutor and there is a set of evidence and established facts," he emphasized on Bulgaria ON AIR.

According to him, the state should make a maximum effort to show that it is behind the magistrates.

"This effort is about providing exceptional security and the whole range of tools that the state has so that these people in this situation can be supported because none of them are insured. It has to be clearly shown the will of the state that when there is a magistrate in need, he must be given adequate protection both for him and for his family members", further explained Adv.


His colleague thinks that we are still not completely familiar with the details.

"This is an assault on statehood, on anyone who stands in such a position as to be able to resolve and dispense justice in this country. This circle can be infinitely extended to both those threatened and those who threaten. It is a trespass on a border, which lawyers know what it means - if the magistrate himself is in danger, it means that trust in the word "objectivity" has collapsed from the beginning, Yavor Notev was categorical.


Markovski added that many people are practicing the concept of "legal reform": "There must be constitutional reforms, there must be a Supreme Court, political presence has no place in the judiciary."

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