Finally, Mr. Somsak Thepsutin, former Minister of Justice, and Mr. Suriya Juangroongruangkit

former industry minister

from Sam Mitr Group

Decided to leave the Palang Pracharat Party (PPP) to join the Pheu Thai Party

Mr. Somsak clarified the reason something like that.

Now the weather has changed.

The constitution was no longer designed for us.

As for Mr. Suriya, clarified that

Since working with the government and the PPP for more than 4 years, it has been found that there are quite obstacles.

There is a lack of unity in the government.

Due to the quota system, the PPP does not oversee the Ministry of Economy at all.

unable to solve economic problems to satisfy the people

therefore having to move into the Pheu Thai Party whose goal is to land slides throughout the land

Mr. Suriya's statement can be interpreted as

The main cause of the disunity in the government

Because it is a multi-party coalition government that is caused by the method of elections

According to the 2017 constitution, the party

Politics is a mushroom

More than 70 parties contested the election, the most in Thai political history.

There is a party that can win elections.

26 MPs enter the House of Representatives, some parties get only 30,000 votes. MPs have 11 parties that have only received MPs. No party has the majority to form a government.

Must form a coalition government of 19 parties, so there is no need to ask for unity, controlling 19 parties to unite as one

than catching crabs in baskets

a lot of fog, a lot of pain

many parties, many policies

both controversial and non-controversial

The most obvious is the liberalization of marijuana policies.

did not disagree, only the government and the opposition

But it became a conflict in the ruling coalition, and having 26 MPs in the House of Representatives was the cause of the


"House collapses" in history.

Chuan Leekpai, Speaker of the National Assembly and Speaker of the House of Representatives

who has been in parliament for almost 50 years, admits that having a 19-party coalition government often causes parliament to collapse

Because I have to keep catching crabs in the basket.

will seek cooperation from the Prime Minister to mobilize

MPs attending meetings are inefficient.

because the prime minister is not the leader of the main party

Most problems have the constitution as the main cause.

The person is a secondary problem in the 2017 constitution.

also clearly contradicts the principles of the parliamentary system

Moreover, it was repeatedly prevented by the authoritarian party from making corrections.

It's curious why you believe that now.

“The constitution is not designed for us” anymore.