The head of the police of Irkutsk, Russia, Colonel Herman Bratchikov committed suicide after a work meeting.


shot himself

with a service pistol 

right in his office.

Telegram channel "Baza" reports.

"On the morning of March 19, Colonel Herman Bratchikov, as usual,

was on duty and received Makarov's service pistol.

At 8 o'clock in the morning, he had an important "zoom" planned: the deputy chief of police of the Main Directorate of the Internal Affairs of the Perevaliv region held a conference call, in which he took the participation of Bratchikov," the public writes. 

After the meeting, the colonel went into his office, closed the door and fell silent.

Bratchykov did not leave it for almost six hours.

The man did not answer either his office or cell phone, and then the police officers decided to go to his office.

Inside, they discovered

the colonel's corpse: the man had shot himself with a service pistol.

According to the report, the reasons for Bratchikov's suicide are currently unknown.

It is noted that in 2019 he underwent psychological testing, experts did not find any risk factors.

Just a few weeks before the event, Bratchikov

filed for divorce from his second wife.

Their marriage was to be officially dissolved on March 27.

It will be recalled that propagandists in Russia announced a "drone attack": unknown drones fell near Moscow and near Belgorod.

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