In Odessa, a taxi driver refused to turn off the Russian music at the request of a client.

He declared that "it is the USA that launches missiles at Ukraine, and all around are Nazis." 

The video was shared on TikTok by Yulia.Kotiuk. 

In the footage, the girl asks the taxi driver to turn off the Russian music, to which he tells her that "he is being oppressed, and he has been listening to Russian all his life."

Afterwards, the taxi driver adds that "if he had known that the client did not like Russian, he would have refused to serve her." 

The man then declares that they say that "missiles are not flying from Russia, but from America" ​​at Ukraine, and that the Russian Federation allegedly "liberated Syria from the Americans", although it is true that they razed cities in this state to the ground, which terrorists are now doing in Ukraine as well. 

The taxi driver says that he dreams of going to Russia, but they allegedly won't let him go.

He later adds that Ukraine is "not his country" because "Nazis and fascists" live here.

@yulia.kotiuk all buns are always like this, but here it is #odesa ♬ original sound - Yuliia

We will remind you that a real scandal broke out in Ivano-Frankivsk.

In the courtyard between the high-rise buildings, the woman began to touch the girl because she was jumping on the rope.

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