In Shengang District, Taichung City, the barrel corpse case was reported in October last year. The deceased’s ex-girlfriend Cai Jiahua, who worked in a hotel, was involved in serious suspicions.

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[Reporter Xu Guozhen/Taichung Report] In October last year, a closed factory in Shengang District, Taichung City was shocked to hear the murder case of a dead body in a barrel. The case was investigated by the police. In addition to confirming that the deceased was a man surnamed Chen who had been missing for more than three years, various evidence showed that He pointed out that his ex-girlfriend Cai Jiahua, who worked in a hotel, was involved in serious charges. In November of the same year, the arrest was approved. The Taichung District Prosecutor’s Office concluded the case yesterday. .

Chen Nan disappeared for more than 3 years, cemented his body and abandoned the factory building

This case is also the third case heard by a national judge in the Taichung District Court. However, due to the complicated and confusing circumstances of the case and its long history, the autopsy results showed no trauma or drug reaction. Murder or just abandoning the body, the subsequent conviction and sentencing of the case will test the evidence of the national judges, which can be regarded as the most difficult case of the national judges.

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On the morning of October 26 last year, the police received a report that a man in a closed factory in Shengang District was stuffed into a plastic bucket with cloth strips wrapped in a mummy-style bag and sealed with cement. The deceased was Cai Jiahua, a 33-year-old woman who rented the factory. Chen's ex-boyfriend, and Chen Nan disappeared as early as March 2019.

The cause of death is suspicious, and the conviction is difficult, and the sentencing is difficult

Cai Nv, who worked in the hotel, was changed from a related person to the defendant in the murder or abandonment case. During the period, the prosecutors found out that when Chen Nan was last seen by his family, he went out with Cai Nv and stayed at Zhongshi No. 7 Motorcycle Railway. The world has evaporated, and the factory building is rented by Cai Nv, together with the corpse bucket, cement mixer, electric drill for beating, waterproof cleaning pads, transparent large plastic bags, etc., are all purchased by Cai Nv.

After Chen Nan disappeared, Cai Nv used Chen Nan's mobile phone successively to send messages to Chen's daughter through Chen Nan's LINE account, and faked Chen Nan's signature to forge a private document for the settlement of the debt dispute between the two parties, which further deepened Cai Nv's involvement in the case. The level of killing and abandoning the corpse may not be accomplished by one person alone. Ms. Cai is in danger of fleeing, annihilating evidence, and colluding with accomplices. She was detained in November last year. The entire case was concluded yesterday.