At the Khreschatyk metro station, the police detained an inebriated man.

A photo of the moment of detention in the subway was published on social networks.

People were frightened by a pool of blood on the floor of the station.

And the police took the man to the exit.

As the Kyiv police told the site, an intoxicated man caused a scandal near a coffee shop in the form of a snail on Khreshchatyk.

"The man was so displeased with something that he started throwing earth and dirt at the cafe. A female employee came out and began to drive him away and call for help. Nearby, the Pechersk district police team was on duty. The law enforcement officers approached the man and asked him to calm down in order to prevent an offense. But he did not respond to remarks, continued to attack the coffee shop, and then began to run away towards the subway," the Kyiv police told

Photo: Kyiv INFO

They add that when the man was running away from the law enforcement officers, he fell and broke his face.

But the police caught up with him already at the Khreschatyk station.

"The police called medics to the scene, who examined the fugitive. He did not receive any serious injuries. Therefore, he was not hospitalized, but was taken to the Pechersk district police department to establish his identity. There, administrative reports will be drawn up against the man: for petty hooliganism, appearing in a public place while intoxicated condition and for malicious disobedience to police officers," added the Kyiv police.