In Crimea, on the night of March 20, in addition to Dzhankoy, explosions were also heard near the temporarily occupied Armyansk. 

This is reported by "Krim. Realii". 

Pro-Russian Telegram channels also write about the explosions.

It is reported that the sounds were heard near the Ukrainian Armyansk, which was occupied in 2014. 

There is currently no information from the occupiers and Crimean Gauleiter. 

We will remind you that on the night of March 20, explosions rang out in the temporarily occupied Dzhankoi in Crimea.

Locals published footage of the hit on the Internet.

It was previously known that drones attacked a military airfield and a railway station, where the occupiers could keep their military equipment, which they use to kill Ukrainians. 

In Dzhankoya, the alleged operation of the Russian air defense system, which probably bombed a local store, was heard.

Shots from small arms were also heard. 

It is being supplemented.