The Thai stock index on March 20, 2023 closed at 1,555.45 points, down 8.22 points, with a trading value of 62,838.25 million baht, foreigners net selling 3,480.83 million baht.

Asia Plus Securities commented on the dissolution of the parliament that the parliament was dissolved on March 20, 2023, waiting for a new election on May 7 or 14, 2023. The Election Commission must set a general election date of not less than 45 days, but not more than 60 days, and candidates for MPs move to a new party no less than 30 days before the election day.

(It shows that there is time to move the party until the beginning of April. Y. '23) The issue of dissolving the parliament may not have much positive effect on the Thai stock market.

because the stock market has responded to a certain level

In addition, the election day is in a frame close to the end of the government's 4-year term.

Looking at past statistics, during the 1 month period after the election day, fund flows tended to flow into Thai stocks on average 9 billion baht, boosting the SET by about 3%.

recommend stocks based on each party's campaign policy


TISCO Securities assesses Thai stocks in the second half of March 2023, stating that amid increased market uncertainty from banking problems in the US and Europe, unclear FED interest rates and recession risks

Advise investors to increase some cash holdings.

While supportive stocks based on the domestic economy and stocks with high dividends are likely to outperform the market, we recommend stocks ADVANC, BDMS, BEM, BTS, EGCO. Dividend stocks that offer Div. Yield of more than 4%, wait for XD in the next 1-2 months. Notable AP, BAM, NYT, SCB, ICHI, TFG

For portfolios, I recommend gradually accumulating blue chip stocks like AOT, BBL, CPALL, MINT. As for speculation - short-term trading is suitable for those who

get high risk

Short-term interesting stock themes Stocks that benefit from falling oil prices AAV, EGCO, GPSC, GULF, PRM, TASCO, TOA Stocks with earnings estimates are up, in contrast to stocks that have fallen, with a wider upside AH, ERW. , ZEN win technical rebound, AWC, KBANK

Stocks with strong fundamentals but the price is falling too hard, there are SCGP, TQM, ITC, MAJOR, election-linked stocks, AEONTS, KTC, PLANB, SC, STEC.

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