A 26-year-old man surnamed Shi rode an electric scooter on the road after drinking alcohol. He was stopped by the police for drunk driving and charged with public danger.

(provided by the police)

[Reporter Wang Junzhong/Tainan Report] Don't use electric scooters as a means of transportation. You may be fined if you ride on the road. In particular, if you ride an electric scooter after drinking, you will also get a public danger lawsuit.

Officers from the No. 2 Police Department of Tainan City found a 26-year-old man surnamed Shi riding an electric scooter on the road at the intersection of Ximen Road and Nanning Street in the urban area at 3:00 a.m. on the 19th. Your electric scooter can’t be ridden on the road, didn’t the store tell you?” Shi Nan replied that the scooter was bought abroad, and he didn’t know that it couldn’t be ridden on the road.

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At the same time, the police smelled a strong smell of alcohol on Shi Nan's body, and it was obvious that he was driving under the influence.

Forty-one milligrams, he was billed and reported in accordance with the law, and he was transferred to the Tainan District Prosecutor's Office for investigation in accordance with the criminal law.

It is understood that Shi Nan cooperated with the police investigation and did not say much about being sent for riding a scooter on the road after drinking.

Police: Tainan City will issue fines if electric scooters are not allowed on the road

Nanshi No. 2 Sub-bureau pointed out that Article 69 of the Road Traffic Management Punishment Regulations adds that "personal mobility devices" (such as electric scooters, electric unicycles, etc.) are classified as slow vehicles and will come into effect on November 30, 2022. In principle, driving on the road is prohibited; in addition, the Tainan City Government has to complete the formulation of relevant management matters before it can be used on designated road sections according to the regulations. Therefore, current personal mobility devices such as electric scooters and unicycles cannot be used in Tainan. It can only be used on city roads, and can only be used in private or closed areas that are not roads. Violations will result in fines.

The Second Sub-bureau stated that if an electric scooter is currently used on the road, according to Article 69 Item 5 of the Road Traffic Management Penalty Regulations, a fine of more than 1,200 yuan and less than 3,600 yuan can be imposed; According to Article 73, Item 2 of the Road Traffic Management Punishment Regulations, electric scooters can be fined between RMB 1,200 and RMB 2,400 for drunk driving. Transportation", if the alcohol test value exceeds ○.

The statutory allowable value of 25 will be transferred to the law on suspicion of public danger.

☆Drinking too much alcohol is harmful to health, and drinking and driving is prohibited☆