Famous director

Oleg Bodnarchuk

criticized the new interview of singer

Ola Polyakova

with journalist

Ramina Eshakzai

The producer decided to share his negative thoughts on Facebook.

Bodnarchuk stated that the conversation between the singer and the interviewer had the appearance of a court session at which the judge was bribed. 

"Yesterday there was a new interview with Ramina, which "everyone was waiting for a long time". It was also "judicial", but as often happens in our country - the judge was bribed. The heroine of the interview was Olya Polyakova. The interviewer managed to ask about three questions , for two hours the heroine told what she wanted, answering her own questions. Then the singer's producer was connected to the interview, and it was wow, how interesting and extraordinary. Then a volunteer friend... In a word, the passions reached an apotheosis. Olya is energetic , lively, cheerful, she could talk for three hours and we would listen to her with our mouths open for another plus two... Ramina immediately understood her place in this interview and, in her mind, left the set - fell asleep. The singer was quite satisfied with this," he wrote Bodnarchuk. 

Olya Polyakova / Screenshot from the video

Bodnarchuk also decided to once again touch on the topic of Polyakova's relationship with singer Tina Karol.

In an interview, the star


that she settled all conflicts with her colleague a long time ago and believes that now there can be no talk of competition in show business.

The director, in turn, reproached Oli for the fact that she sang entertaining songs all her life, and not lyrical ones, like Tina.

"The performer, who all her life was a parasite on the bad taste of a large number of Ukrainian audiences and sang about "flip-flops", "swimsuits with a pin", "night priestess", actually a clown, was put in the same row with a singer who at least tries to be valuable and difficult... Can you imagine an interviewer who would ask Cardi B in America, they say, now there are opinions: are you the queen of the song of all time or Whitney Houston? And imagine if the hip-hopper began to seriously think about the answer to this question..." - said the director offensively. 

We will remind you that on March 8, Olya Polyakova gave

a big charity concert

with the new Ukrainian-language program "Everything will be fine".

After the show, Eshakzai talked with the performer and her team and talked about the details of Oli's concerts.

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