The price of cabbage is facing a crisis of collapse, and the government of Yunlin County coordinates the procurement of catering companies.

(Photo by reporter Zheng Xukai)

[Reporter Zheng Xukai/Yunlin Report] Recently, in Jutong Township, Yunlin County, another cabbage was self-picked for 10 yuan per plant. The people were happy to buy it, but the farmers who lost money were not happy. Today, matchmaking group catering companies purchase from farmers, hoping to help farmers stabilize production and sales prices.

Recently, the temperature has warmed up, and the vegetables are growing rapidly. The Xiluo fruit and vegetable market is trading, and the wholesale price of cabbage has dropped to only 5 yuan per kilogram.

There is a vegetable farmer in Jutong Township who allows 10 yuan of cabbage to be picked by himself. The county government approached the group catering industry to match the purchase of cabbage for the school group meal. It is expected to ship 1,700 pieces of cabbage before March 24. Continue to ship 1500 to 2000 pieces.

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Zhang Lishan, Mayor of Yunlin County, said that in addition to the purchase of Yunlin cabbage dishes by matchmakers, they will also ask Changqing canteens and kindergartens across the country to use more cabbage ingredients. Chiayi Mayor Huang Minhui has been asked to help promote sales and display them at Hope Plaza. And respond to the Council of Agriculture to promote matchmaking processing and channel promotion, and use multiple methods to relieve the plight of farmers.

Wei Shengde, Director of Agriculture, said that the abundant production of cabbage will not ease until mid-April. The recent climate has stabilized and the quality of cabbage is good, and the price is affordable.