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noted , the US expects that China "may use this visit to repeat calls for a ceasefire as part of its proposals for a truce."

The Secretary of State emphasized that "the United States welcomes any initiative that will help ensure a just and lasting peace, including elements that the United States has long supported, including ensuring nuclear security, resolving high-priority crises, and protecting civilians."

The State Secretary reminded that "Chairman


arrived in Russia a few days after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for President



He stated that in connection with this step, "it can be assumed that China does not feel obliged to impose responsibility on the Kremlin for the atrocities committed in Ukraine.

And instead of condemning them, it is better to provide diplomatic cover for Russia so that it continues to commit similar crimes."

As the head of the US State Department reminded, the State Department believes that the foundation of any plan to end the war against Ukraine and establish a just and lasting peace "must be the defense of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity in accordance with the UN Charter."

In addition, the state secretary noted, "a call for a cease-fire, which does not include the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine, would actually mean the ratification of Russian occupations."

It would be a recognition of Russia's attempts to seize the territory of a sovereign state by force.

This would allow Russia to further strengthen its position in Ukraine."

The State Department believes that "a truce now, without a long-term solution, would give Putin a break and an opportunity to redeploy his troops, and then resume the war at a more favorable time for Russia," continued the head of American diplomacy.

"The world," he emphasized, "should not be misled by any tactical steps taken by Russia with the support of China or any other country aimed at freezing the war on Russian terms.

Such a step would be a violation of the UN Charter and a violation of the will of 141 countries that condemned Russia's war at the UN General Assembly."

The Secretary of State reminded that Ukraine, as one of the parties to the conflict, has already selected a formula for a just peace and that if China supports the end of the war based on the principles of the UN Charter, then it can cooperate with the President of Ukraine on the basis of this plan, as well as use its influence on Moscow. to force Russia to withdraw its troops.

According to Blinken, "Russia's annexation of sovereign Ukrainian territory, including territories it does not even control, and its brutal attacks on civilians clearly show that President Putin is not currently interested in such a peace."