Huawei is a phenomenon feared and disgusted by the US government and the West.

from technology and brand names

Determined to develop into a state-of-the-art technology

Is a brand trusted by customers all over the world In 1987 or 36 years ago, Ren Zhengfei, a retired soldier, came to request the government to establish Huawei with a registered capital of 2.1 thousand yuan in Thai money today. It's about 100,000 baht. After that, it continued to develop its products until 1993. Huawei invested 89 million yuan for research and development.

Digital PABX Three years later invited six professors from Peking University to come together to draft Huawei's basic rules.

2004 Huawei sells its 3G products in Europe 2005 Times Magazine Selection of the world's 100 most influential people

There are Ren Zhengfei, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc. 2007 Huawei beat Nortel with a turnover of $ 12.6 billion, becoming 1 in 4 of the equipment manufacturers. communications of the world and later ranked in the world's top 500 companies

2012 Invested in research and development of cloud computing, employing 150,000 employees. 2013 Huawei's performance beats Ericsson.

Smartphone sales break through the high-end market

Became popular in the world in 2017, competing for world market share overtaking Apple.

It became number 2 behind Samsung.

The Trump and Biden Era

Huawei faces severe protection from the US and Europe.

The U.S. government ordered a blockade on the export of components to Huawei since 2019, forcing U.S. manufacturers to reluctantly stop selling chips to Huawei.

During Biden's presidency, he also banned the sale of Huawei equipment in the US.

When blocked until unable to find cooperation with manufacturers in the United States

Therefore, Huawei has to invest in developing its own chips.

Until nowadays, it is highly successful.

Huawei's equipment components have become super cutting-edge technology.

When being teased, discouraged, pressured

Some companies or countries give up, bend their feet and give up, but Huawei, a Chinese company, winks. Last year, 2022, Huawei still invested up to 23.8 billion US dollars in research and development. (8.3 hundred billion baht) Research investment of almost 1 trillion baht in just one year should make innovations that come out cutting edge.

Absolutely shocking and amazed the world

Trump and Biden's harsh trade protectionist policies are a big mistake, faking all sorts of things, even imprisoning his daughter.

American companies were originally happy about selling chips and parts to Huawei.

Huawei sells products at a profit.

American companies can get it too. But today, American companies are not as profitable as they used to be.

American companies lose revenue

No share of Huawei purchases

when there is no money

Research and development is slow. In the future, American companies may have to beg for mercy to buy chips and parts from China.

Something like this has happened before.

with companies that used to be technology leaders

The turn of the days soon changed and became a follower.

and eventually died from business

Huawei develops its upstream, midstream, and downstream businesses and is building a resource planning system called MetaERP that will be released in April.

This system will help Huawei's core business.

both in finance, supply chain and production line

Huawei is committed to being a computing platform provider.

to support AI technology

When Trump and Biden sidelined

Foreigners ridiculed that

Huawei is bad

Who would have thought that Huawei can't kill?

not dead is not enough

There is also a chance to become the real number one in the world as well.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai