In less than 60 days, Thai people will have an election.

There is no reason for the military to revolutionize for anyone else.

The issue that everyone is interested in is whether General Prayut Chan-o-cha will return as prime minister or not.

During this period, various political parties were launched.

"Candidate Prime Minister" has come out, but it's not official Poll results "Elected Prime Minister" from "Nida Poll" National Institute of Development Administration

which is more neutral than many polls.

and has continuously conducted polls to follow politics

The poll results are therefore interesting to follow.

On Sunday, "Nida Poll" revealed the latest poll.

"The 1st 2023 election battle" that was surveyed on March 2-8, during which all parties were intensely campaigning.

make survey results more interesting

saw that the votes of each party began to leave more and more

The first question is who will support the Prime Minister?

The answer came out as follows: No. 1, Khun Pae Thongtarn Shinawatra (Pheu Thai Party), 38.20 percent, No. 2, Khun Phitha Limcharoenrat

(The Kao Klai Party) 15.75 percent, more than twice as far apart, 3rd place Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha (Thai Sang Chart Party) 15.65 percent, squeezed with Khun Phitha, but lost more than twice as far from Khun Phaethong Than as well, ranked 4th hundred. 9.45 per cent, saying that he still couldn't find the right person. As for "Brother Nu", Khun Anutin Charnvirakul (Bhumjaithai Party), owner of the "free marijuana" policy, came in 9th place with only 1.55 per cent. vote

will see again how much the score will be

Question 2 asks which MP to choose, which political party district the answer comes out No. 1, Pheu Thai Party, 49.75 percent, almost 50%, considered very high, No. 2, the far-reaching party, 17.40 percent, more than twice the difference, No. 3 overall party Thai Sang Chart 11.75 percent, the rest of the political parties received the lowest ten votes, 4th place Democrat Party 5.40 percent, 6th place Bhumjaithai Party 2.70 percent, 9th Palang Pracharat Party of "Big Pom" General Prawit Wongsuwan 2.15 percent

Question 3 asks which political party list of MPs to choose?

The answer that came out was No. 1, Pheu Thai Party, 49.85 percent, almost 50%, No. 2, Kao Klai Party, 17.15 percent, and No. 3, Ruam Thai Sang Chat Party, 12.15 percent. Ranked 9th, 2.30 percent

Doing this poll "Nida Poll" uses 2 thousand samples to classify the samples as income from 20,000 down to 73.80%, people aged 18-45 years 49.65% if including the group Young Baby Boomers 46–59 years old, the sample will increase to 76.30%, most 33.45% live in the Northeast, followed by 18.55% in the Central Region, 17.95% in the North, 13.75% in the South, 8.60% in Bangkok.

Yesterday, I broke down the electoral population of 52.3 million. Gen XYZ includes over 37.9 million, representing 72.5% of the voter population. The power of Gen XYZ is therefore crucial in this election.

What the XYZ population has to think about at home is that this new election is about “choosing your own future”.

therefore it is important

political party that promotes

A fanciful policy, give only money, give only fish, but don't give fishing rods.

making people poor forever, should not choose

Looking at the poll results

"The 2023 Election Battle No. 1" of Nida Poll, General Prayut and the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party ranked 3 all the time, with less popular points.

losing to new politicians like Khun Pae Thongtarn and the Pheu Thai Party leaving each other very far apart, the opportunity that General Prayut

will be nominated as Prime Minister

The Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party must win at least 25 MPs if assessed based on the poll results.

The future of Uncle Tu seems to be difficult.

"The Wind Changes Direction"