last saturday

I glanced at Banphot Phisai District.

Nakhon Sawan Province, Birth District, and studied when I was young.

and join in a party with my relatives, about 30 people, for several hours

before leaving

Bangkok in the evening

The gathering point where we spend the most time together.

It is in the area of ​​Wat Charoen Phon, which is a temple of Charoen Phon Sub-district, where my parents settled down and opened a grocery store until I graduated from university.

even though the weather is quite hot

But there are still some areas under the trees beside the temple walls that are shady.

When laying down mats and setting up chairs for us to sit and talk, ask each other about our sufferings.

While lighting incense and candles, he brought food that he thought "Father" (in fact, we call it "De" because he is a Hainan Chinese person) and "Mother" liked it for him to eat at the realm.

We keep the ashes of both of them. Part of the wall of Wat Charoen Phon. This is about the middle of the year.

Or at the end of March, they will meet to pay respect to him according to the Chinese "Cheng Meng" tradition.

Wat Charoen Phon is a new temple built alongside Charoen Phon Market, which is a new market on the opposite bank of the river.

Orange Market

The market of Banphot Phisai District around 80 years ago.

My family immigrated from a "delivery boat" selling goods by boat to settling down at Charoen Phon Market, which was rebuilt after being burned down around 1949 when I was 8 years old.

The temple is opposite Wat Charoen Phon.

On the side of the orange market

Or the market of the district is "Wat Som Siao", the main temple of Banphot Phisai District, because it has been the temple of the "district chief" since I wasn't even born.

The abbot of Wat Som Siew who used to be a very famous abbot of the district.

It is revered by Banphot Phisai people throughout the district, including Luang Pho Noi or Phrakru Niruti Thammathon (1867-1938).

when he died

The Banphot Phisai people have cast a statue of him and enshrined it in the viharn in front of the ubosot since 1938.

Therefore, when I entered grade 1 at Wat Som Siao local school at the age of 7, I saw his statue and worshiped him according to the instructions of Banphot Phisai elders since then.

I study at Wat Som Siew local school.

until the end of the 4th grade, even after the parents got off the boat, parked in front of Wat Som Siao, to live in a rented wooden row house

at Charoen Phon Market

still take a boat for hire across the Ping River

Went to study at Wat Som Siao School for another 2 full years.

Therefore, he has a relationship with Luang Pho Noi since he can remember until now.

Every time I went to pay homage to De and my mother before returning to Bangkok, I would cross the other side to pay respect.

"Luang Phor Noi" our Reverend Father

People of Banphot Phisai District

Wishing you good fortune

Like other ancestors always

The world is full of bad news lately.

Especially about the recent economy, the US Bank has collapsed to 3 places, although his officials have fully embraced it.

But the side effects didn't stop.

And will there still be any consequences for the United States?

And how to the world, I still do not know.

Our country is about to have a new election.

I looked at the people who were expected to become Prime Minister after the election and the campaign style that was still controversial.

Sneaking violently

I can't help but worry about who wins.

Which party wins...

After the election, there will definitely be more chaos.

Returning home this time, I pay homage to Luang Por Noi.

I ask that you help relieve my mental suffering in these 2 big matters as well, even though I know that both of these matters are beyond Luang Pho's strength.

but also had to ask Luang Por for strength

because all the time

Since going to various temples in Laos with the Thai Rath editorial team

I have been praying for the same thing all along.

Many holy things join forces together

May turn bad into good

The global economy has not collapsed too hard.

And Thailand is not as bad as I care.

Thus, I bowed down to "Luang Pho Noi" of Banphot Phisai District people as another spiritual refuge.