Internet users suspect that

the Russian president did not come to the Ukrainian city, but his double

, because the face of the Russian leader in the video has a strange appearance.

"Yes, we know that he does not look like the real Putin.

Doppelgangers are normal practice for any dictator.

Who didn't have them.

It just doesn't matter, because the average resident of the Russian Federation is still hiding.

Such shows are the creation of a picture and an image for a box, nothing more," noted military analyst Ihal Levin in a message on social networks.

"Dachshund, what's with the face?", asked users on the Internet.

We will remind you that earlier, 

during Putin's meeting with the "residents" of Mariupol, the incriminating exclamation that this is all untrue was caught on video

Let's add that earlier, after Putin's address to the Federal Assembly on February 22, a "celebratory" concert was held in Luzhniki on the occasion of the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine.

Putin had a different look there.

A specialist in physiognomy

named the signs of "clones" of the Russian dictator

Note that

Russian dictator Putin, according to many analysts, sends his doppelgänger instead of himself to mass events where there is a crowd of people


Soon, however, Putin may ditch the doppelgangers and start showing Russians his holograms.

Russian opposition journalist Ihor Yakovenko expressed this opinion. 

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