Goosebumps due to the excitement of the election game

with true story

Not based on the movie scene. Catastrophic "Casium-137" radioactive disaster.

Melted into red dust in a factory in Prachinburi

Officers found the source

but don't know where to go

The risk spreads everywhere

high-energy atomic compound

Just touching is risking death.

But that's still just secondary news about politics.

At the end of the drag

There was a royal decree announcing

the "dissolution of the National Assembly"

on March 20.

Let's just say, the song parade, the car campaign, prepare to warm up in advance, wait for the number, the beat counts for a week.

The Grand Election Fair officially opens the stadium.

The Party Marching Festival continues to bustle through the city.

and according to the Thai election form

First of all, it has to focus on

Bangkok Sanam Prab Sien

which made many brands of polls

Because the mood of the city people can change and turn back and forth all the time.

Bullets are meaningless.

Flow is just a factor.

The final answer of the "house with a fence" is difficult to predict.

According to the conditions of the situation here

I still haven't seen any sign of any brand that will be strong.

overtake competitors

MPs at Sanam Luang in a landslide

The opportunity to share points is still available for all parties to run and settle down to reserve space in the city.

And of course, according to the conditions, it should be linked to the qualitative election vote in

Bangkok with signals from the business sector

Investor's voice

that defines a new government specification

Focus on the economic team that will deal with the global economic crisis.

Uttama, Nai Nai

Chasing from Mr. Sangchai Thirakulwanich, president of the Federation of Thai SMEs

Standing podium to bring the white paper

Proposals for SMEs to submit recommendations to political parties that are likely to form a new government.

Win a dream economic team that is professional in management.

to cope with difficult problems

External factors will affect the main engine.

both the export sector

tourism, trade and agriculture sectors

While Mr. Athip Bijanon, Honorary Prime Minister

Housing Business Association

show concern

If the establishment of the new government is delayed

not acceptable

will cause both Thai and foreign investors to be unconfident

What private sector and business people are watching is

establishment of a new government

must be stable

The economic team must have knowledge.

really talented

capture the mood of investors

qualitative elections

Look at the economy as the main factor.

Of course, compared to the form that is superior, it must be given to the team.

"Dubai Mallor", a Pheu Thai camp that received the old "Taksin Shinawatra" brand of merit, which was popular in the market for making villagers eat well anyway

higher taxes than competitors

come out stronger

But if it's only on the side of the opposite pole

view of the current ruling coalition

Compare the form of the Pracharat Power Camp.

Bhumjaithai brand

Democrat Party Chart Thai Pattana to support the newcomer with a red label

Thai Union Sang Nation Camp

must be given to the brand of the economic team of

"Big Brother" has boxing style better than anyone.

Anutin Charnvirakul

Catch the way from the speech at the opening of the main stage in Bangkok's urban courtyard, fresh and hot, Mr. Uttama Savanayana, president of the PPP's economic strategy, shows various policies for the stomach, focusing on the "Pracharat Fund", amounting to 300,000 million baht. to completely solve the debts of the people

Top up capital, make a career, make money.

Added by

"Her Ming", Mr. Mingkwan Sangsuwan,

another pro, also showed "People's Oil", revealing the price of diesel, gasoline, electricity, and cheap energy.

come to tempt the villagers

Injecting promotions pushing policies to recover stomach problems and exchange points

The tactic is not inferior to the Dubai camp, the main boxing professional, economic management of

"Big Fort" Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan,

Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the Pracharath Party.

The show can punch out more meat than anyone else among the original 3-year-old power team.

In addition, there is a political ditch, a fang game of "Big Brother".

With a picture of the lunch circle at Ban Pa, the joint at "Sia Noo", Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health

Head of Bhumjaithai Camp

Completely accepted the word "closed the deal" tag team in advance.

Jerking radius "Big Fort" is brighter than anyone else in the power pole 3 years old.

political news team