Poland and Slovakia will transfer MiG-29 aircraft to Ukraine, the fourth-generation Soviet multi-role fighters, but American F-16s are needed to defeat the aggressor Russia.

There is a fundamental difference between the MiG-29 and the F-16.

Military expert Pavlo Narozhnyi told Kanal 24 about this.

Disadvantages of the MiG-29

The difference between the planes is that the Soviet MiG-29s are exclusively fighters, therefore designed for aerial combat.

Moreover, this fighter has not developed in any way since the early 1980s, that is, all the avionics of these aircraft are outdated, and the accuracy of the radars cannot be compared with the American F-16.

"The MiG-29 is very visible on radars. It has 2 huge engines that make noise, a lot of smoke comes out of them, there is a large heat spot. That is, this plane is very easy to shoot down," the expert explained.

Advantages of the F-16

The F-16 aircraft is a multipurpose and large-node machine designed as a platform for modifications.

The F-16 has already undergone 7 modifications since leaving the factory.

"The fact that the F-16 is multi-purpose allows it to be used for various tasks. Conditionally, if it has the task of destroying a certain stronghold of the occupiers, and an enemy fighter comes across it on its way, then it can change the task - eliminate the enemy aircraft and return to the previous course ", the expert explained. 

According to him, the F-16 can destroy ships, meaning it is a platform for carrying Harpoon cruise missiles.

Regarding the fundamental differences between the MiG-29 and the F-16, according to Narozhny, the F-16 can be used for both air and ground targets, as well as for the use of long-range cruise missiles.

Moreover, the F-16 is a stealth aircraft.

The inner part of the glass of the pilot's cabin is covered with a gold film.

In this way, the radiation of instruments in the cabin is invisible to enemy radars.

"The F-16 is a very serious weapon that cannot be compared to what the Russians have," said a military expert.

It will be recalled that at the beginning of the war against Russia, Ukrainian air defense forces shot down only 20-30% of missiles, and now the results are much better.

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