Sun Moon Lake has a safety mechanism for overflow wells to ensure the safety of the reservoir. During the wet season in the lake area, the overflow wells are surrounded by lake water, like a "mysterious black hole" on the surface of the lake.

(Picture provided by the Japanese Management Office)

[Reporter Liu Binquan/Nantou Report] Sun Moon Lake recently cooperated with the supply of agricultural water, causing the water level to plummet. Today (19) the water level dropped to 741.1 meters, which is more than 7 meters away from the full water level of 748.48 meters. The "mysterious black hole" Sun Moon Lake's overflow well and the main building are also exposed, becoming a spectacle of drought.

Taipower, which manages the Sun Moon Lake Reservoir, said that the overflow well is the safety mechanism of Sun Moon Lake. If the water level is too high, excess water will be discharged from the overflow well to the downstream streams to prevent excessive water storage in Sun Moon Lake and ensure the safety of the reservoir.

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Due to the recent continuous supply of downstream agricultural water, the water level has dropped significantly. However, starting from the 21st of this month, the peak water demand for spring plowing and planting has passed. At that time, the water supply of Sun Moon Lake can be reduced from the current 20 tons per second (20 CMS) to 10 tons per second. It is expected to greatly reduce the water supply pressure in the pond area and help slow down the rate of water level decline. It is expected that the water supply in the pond area will rise to 15 tons per second in late April, but we will still hold a meeting with the China Water Bureau to coordinate and look forward to the actual situation Moderately reduce the water supply and try to maintain the water level in the pond area.

The water level of Sun Moon Lake dropped straight down, dropping 7 meters from the full water level, and even the overflow wells in the pool area were exposed, making it a spectacle of drought.

(Photo by reporter Liu Binquan)