Ukrainian troops opened fire on Russian positions near Bakhmut.

(Associated Press)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A video from the Ukrainian Eastern Front battlefield shows that the Ukrainian army is using the "M113" armored personnel carrier, as well as the extended "YPR-765" armored personnel carrier of the same series supported by the Dutch military. The German private military contractor "Wagner" launched an attack on the defensive position. The armored vehicle was constantly moving back and forth to avoid the Russian anti-armor fire, while the infantry accompanying the vehicle fought in the mud, which reminds people of the First World War. scenario.

Ukrainian soldiers on top of an M113 armored personnel carrier outside the Bakhmut front line.


U.S. Secretary of Defense Austin once said in an interview with CNN that the U.S. has assisted in training and providing equipment for several Ukrainian mechanized infantry brigades, but these new blood have not yet arrived on the battlefield. They are currently trying to break through the Russian defense line on the battlefield. The current Ukrainian army is still Ukrainian officers and soldiers operating old-style armored vehicles.

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A Ukrainian soldier raised his head from an armored vehicle and made a victory gesture.

(Associated Press)

However, the Ukrainian offensive has not been smooth every time. Some Russian social media accounts claimed on March 15 that in a village in the Zaporozhye region, the Russian army in a dominant position used firepower to suppress the Ukrainian troops that had just arrived in the trenches. And disintegrated the Ukrainian offensive, and in the video released by the Russian side, it can be seen that many Ukrainian armored vehicles were burning in the open field.

Facing the deadlocked Uzbekistan battlefield, Ukrainian and Russian personnel and equipment suffered a great deal of wear and tear, and they were unable to advance significantly on the front line. Perhaps the Ukrainian army has to wait for troops that have received Western equipment and training to enter the battle before they have a chance to change the status quo.