Putin's visit to Maribor caused dissatisfaction among the Ukrainian people and survivors of the Maribor theater bombing.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Mariupol, a port city in eastern Ukraine occupied by Russian troops, on the 18th, which was also the closest Putin was to the front line.

When the Russian army besieged Maribor on March 16 last year, it bombed the theater in the city, killing 300 people. A woman who survived the bombing of the theater said that Putin's visit to Maribor was like "the return of a serial killer." place of crime".

According to the US "CNN" report, Maria Kutnyakova (Maria Kutnyakova) survived the bombing of the Malibo Theater, and her 15 relatives and several friends who lived in Malibo have left Malibo, Kutnyakova Kova is currently working for a Ukrainian NGO in Lithuania.

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Kutniakova believes that Putin visited Maribor at night because the Russian side did not want to capture real images of the destruction of Maribor's cityscape. Putin's return to Maribor is like a serial killer returning to the crime scene.

"The Russians don't want to show that Maribor is still a disaster," said Kutniakova. "Russian propaganda films show images of them building several buildings, and they want people to believe that Maribor is now a very nice place. ".

Kutniakova mentioned that in fact, the current prices in Maribor are high, and the citizens do not have enough medicines, no heating, and there are problems in communication, electricity, water, gas supply and other aspects.